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Welcome to the Downe Village website.  Please take time to look around.  If you have any suggestions, please contact the webmaster (via the Residents' Association page)

What's happening in Downe

Events coming up in Downe


  • Saturday 3 September - Stand up comedy night (village hall)

  • Saturday 15 October - Music Quiz (village hall)

  • Friday 4 November - Cheese and wine evening (village hall)

  • Saturday 3 Dec - Dancing in Downe (village hall)




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Ravensbourne Morris men visit Downe - July 2022

Ivor Potter sings "Vegas Night" in the village hall - July 2022

Downe Duck Race - 10 July 2022

Mens curry night at the Dakshin on 7 March 2022

Elvis helps switch on the 2021 Downe Christmas lights -  well done to all the members of the Downe Village Club

Downe Residents' Association AGM was held on 23rd March.   This covered 2 years - 2019 and 2020 as an AGM was not held in March 2020.   The relevant minutes can bed read on the Residents' Association page of this website

See the help page for contacts for all sorts of issues - from reporting fly-tipping to finding stray dogs....NEW - a section on the responsibilities of Bromley Council, the Greater London Authority and the local MP)


Downe & Cudham Ultrafast Broadband Community Project - update Jan 2022

Downe & Cudham fibre broadband update - August

(This update covers just Downe - a separate communication has been sent out to Cudham)

Most areas of Downe and Cudham have some access to “ultrafast” broadband.   There are a number of queries reported to me, and these were discussed on a call I had with Openreach yesterday.  Openreach say that not much progress has been made in the last month due to issues with new sub-contractors.  A number of jobs have now been brought back “in house” by Openreach, so I hope to see better progress over the next month.  I have included all the queries made known to me by residents (17 across both villages) in the summary below:

West Hill - some addresses connected, but two “black boxes” still need to be installed for the remaining 9 properties outstanding.  Openreach engineers will be working themselves on this.  No date yet for completion.  Openreach are discussing with the “Multiple Dwelling Unit” team for Buckston Browne Gardens - no date yet for starting.

Luxted Rd/Single St area – a new cable is required at the Jail Lane end to connect up.  Also, some testing and a replacement “black box” is required at the Birdhouse Lane end.  Further work also to extend to Downe Activity Centre.   No date yet for completion.

Farthing St – work still required to enable service to two properties.  Openreach also checking a problem with New Road Hill.  Openreach are putting their own team on this.

Hangrove Hill – work deferred until after summer due to crossing farm land (as previously reported)

Steveb   10 August 2022
Note – if you want to check if fibre service is available at your property, go to:



....and put in your postcode and select your address.  If the “ultrafast” option comes up, you can order an “ultrafast” service from your supplier.  If it is only “superfast”, then you need to wait a little longer.

Spot the similarity ?    Yes -  water in the pond (Jan 2021)!!!

St Mary's in the snow (Jan 2021)

Pubs in Downe

The Dakshin

Telephone: +44 1689 858946
Website: www.thedakshin.co.uk

Takeaway Service:
- 15% off on all collections
- Free deliveries within 5-mile radius


Downe Lottery


Read the latest update (as of end 2019) on the Downe lottery on the lottery page....


Have you joined the Downe Lottery yet ? .........be in it to win it

The main purpose is to raise money for 'worthy' causes in the village, with the added opportunity to win prizes.  The prize money is 50% of the monthly monies raised - so clearly, the more lottery shares sold, the more money in the prize pot, and the more money raised for Downe.

To apply, email Tony Dixon, the Lottery Promoter, using lottery@downe-kent.org.uk for a standing order form.


Visit the lottery page for all the information on the lottery....

Bromley Mayor - Cllr Hannah Gray - unveils the new Downe information board

The board was a project originated and driven through over the past two years by residents in Downe village who were concerned that our historic village had no such information for the many tourists, walkers, cyclists, and the general public that visit each year – as well as for locals. With assistance from Bromley Council and many local historians (including at Down House – residence of Charles Darwin), the information board – containing maps, historic buildings, roads, footpaths etc) was researched, designed and eventually produced and installed in August.

Sadly, due to Government restrictions, only six people could be officially invited to the unveiling. Madam Mayor gave an enthusiastic speech before uncovering the board, to the delight of the few people watching. Following the unveiling, Madam Mayor was treated to some local produce - Downe orchard apple juice. Most of the core project team (Zoe Knight, Kim Durham, Terry Pyle and Steve Barnes) were present to witness this fitting addition to the centre of the village.

London Biggin Hill Airspace Change Proposal - Click the button below to read the report about proposed changes to flightpaths:

People of Science - Sir David Attenborough and Professor Brian Cox discuss Charles Darwin (5 min video -  press button below)_

Watch a new advert for Battersea Dogs Home -  filmed in Downe this year.....

Watch an old video from 1987 about the effect of the great storm of October 1987 on Bromley Borough.....

Watch an old advert for Swan Lager -  filmed in Downe  -  not sure of date but looks very 1970's !!!

Local footpaths - these can be found on this Bromley Council website (complete with their numbers)....     

Ever wondered how to report a stray dog, injured deer or abandoned car etc ?    


Go to the help page for information on what to do and who to contact........

More on the village lime tree - following on from the article below, many thanks to Dave Evans who uncovered this photo of (village resident) Eric Lubbock and his wife from the Daily Telegraph -  Friday March 16th 1962, and another from the Kentish Times showing Eric celebrating his Orpington victory for the Liberal party - a 7,855 majority over the Conservatives.  

The old Lime tree


For as long as villagers can remember it has been said that the Old Lime tree has been dying, starved of water 

as it is totally encased in tarmac.  Probably over 100 years old - it can be seen in all the old photos of the village and

in the past the Council have removed branches in the hope of reducing its water needs.


The Residents' Association has now installed three one metre deep irrigatation pipes around the tree and can we urge those living close by, when they have a watering can at hand, to pour fresh water through the grills. Water from the road could not have been utilized as during the winter it would be polluted with salt.


Many of you will remember Terry Williams who lived in the village but who sadly died four years ago. Well known

in the entertainment world, perhaps you will recall him on tall stilts ?  He recorded the song called 'Dancing around the Old Lime tree' which we hope will be possible for many more years to come !


You can hear it again (with some associated pictures) by clicking here: 

Two locally produced promotional videos - Christmas Tree Farm and the Queen's Head jam night


Philip Shaye Productions - a Downe village-based business have produced a video for Paul Gubby at Christmas Tree Farm, and a promotional video of the Queen's Head jam night.  Click on the buttons above to view


If any of you would like to promote your business using video, contact Phil Louden-Carter on 07834 042918 or 

Biggin Hill Airport - a facility to track planes coming in and out of the airport

Read the "Kent Live" article (12 April) about the new facility......

Click on this link to access the flight monitoring website.......

To comment on incidents relating to Biggin Hill Airport

Ring -  01959 578580    (See HELP page for further information)

View old maps of Downe and surrounding area


Go to the history page to view old maps of the area side by side with a modern view (click button)

More news   (click the button to go to these features)