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Please see panels below for information on activities in Downe related to the current Coronavirus epidemic



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Coronavirus - local action in Downe

Downe Coronavirus update

As we have said before, the advice is to everyone is STAY AT HOME.   However, it is obvious that potentially vulnerable people are still going out (eg over 70s). 

If you are older, or have health conditions, please consider using our team of volunteers for your tasks.

  • Contact your Road Rep for help if you need it

  • Use a delivery system for food, if possible - neighbours with delivery slots could help with this - but avoid any contact.  Keep an eye out on Downe Mailing or Downe village Facebook or Downe website for local companies that will deliver to your doorstep (no contact) or contact your Road Rep

  • If you have no way of obtaining essential medicines, let your Road Rep know

  • Use 111 for non-urgent medical issues, as first port of call (if you still have medical issues then email Downe Mailing, though we are not medically qualified)


Also – an eight stage sanitary process you may wish to use after receiving shopping (from a local expert)


  1. Have two separate work surfaces one designated “clean” / one “dirty” (maybe put tape down the middle to make it easier)

  2. Place shopping plastic carrier bags on “dirty” surface (don’t use canvas bags) 

  3. Take all items out of bag, one by one and wipe clean with either a spray bleach or wipes and put on clean side

  4. Take any vegetables out of packaging and either wash or wipe (discard packaging)

  5. Take any boxed items out of packaging and discard box (the inside is clean)

  6. Any cans can be left outside for three days (any virus will not survive)

  7. Discard bag or wipe clean and remember to wash your hands after

  8. Once you have all the clean items on worktops or table and hands have been washed wipe down cupboard handles or knobs before putting the shopping away in your cupboards

Local food producers / deliverers -  this is a list being built up as more information becomes available   (v12)

Note, to make it easier to upload this suppliers list, you now need to click on the link below to see the information:


Local Suppliers

A message from the police - Dave Stringer - Commander for Bromley, Croydon & Sutton

CLICK HERE to watch video

Coronavirus - Downe & Cudham churches closed

The Church continues to be alive and active, but our buildings must close in the London area


London is seeing a huge increase in the number of people falling sick with COVID-19. We must distance ourselves from one another and prevent the spread of infection in order to save lives.

Therefore, as well as public worship being suspended, this and all church buildings in the Diocese of Rochester, Southwark, Chelmsford and London are now closed.

Our worship of God and our care for each other continue but cannot be done in this building.

Our website contains details of how to join others online for prayer, worship, study, and community life.  See: www.pcd.org.uk for online resources or email office@pcd.org.uk to be sent our weekly updates.

Rev John Musson, the vicar of St Mary’s Downe and Cudham Church can be  contacted in an emergency by telephoning 07504 827929  or by emailing vicar@pcd.org.uk

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength . . . Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”

To protect the vulnerable amongst us, please do not leave your home except for essential trips.

Rev John Musson, Vicar of Cudham and Downe, Area Dean of Orpington

Coronavirus - being extra careful and keeping safe
Apparently in some areas Neighbourhood Watch teams are reporting attempted burglaries, “bogus callers”, using the Coronavirus situation to gain entry to people’s homes.

People have been knocking on doors of mainly elderly residents, stating that they are from the Dept of Health, and explaining that they are taking people’s temperatures to help tackle the spread of the virus.  If someone calls at their home, they should refuse entry and call police using 999.


  • There is no scheme currently being operated to take temperatures of the general public.

  • There is no ‘cold calling’ being carried out by health officials in relation to tackling the virus.

Please bring this to the attention of your families and neighbours particularly the old and vulnerable.  Our “road reps” scheme is designed to assure you about genuine helpers
Downe Mailing will continue to carry important local messages. 

Pub events in Downe during Coronavirus crisis

The Queen’s Head


During lockdown the Queens Head has been offering takeaway / delivery food and drink six days per week, Monday through Saturday, noon to 3pm, and 5pm to 8pm.

The food menu is below but changes weekly and is available on our website (queensheaddowne.com) or via our social media, orders can be placed and paid for over the telephone on 01689 852145.
Draught Cask Ale and Lagers, wines, bottled beers and soft drinks are available to collect; you must bring your own containers for draught (old milk bottles, wine bottles and even Tupperware have been used). Since Lockdown we have had a wide variety of Ales from all around Kent, priced at £3 per pint. Currently we have Bexley Brewery’s Anchor Bay IPA, 4.8%, but at the weekend we are increasing the offer to Two Ales, St Austell Tribute Pale Ale (4.2%) and fresh out of the Westerham Brewery, Summer Perle (3.8%).
Currently we have three Lagers available, Fosters at £3.50 per pint, Kronenbourg 1664 at £4 per pint and Estrella at £4.50 per pint. We can also supply the branded Glassware to help you enjoy these at home.
We also operate a Fruit / Vegetable stall and shop from the porch of the Queens Head on a Friday and Saturday afternoon from 12 noon to 3pm. We have been able to provide an array of Fruit, Salad and Vegetables as well as essentials like Milk, Bread, Eggs, Meat, Cheese, Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Toilet and kitchen Rolls. In recent weeks we have also added some homemade cakes pastries for sale and this week have potted geraniums at £2 each or 3 for £5.

We also offer this as a delivery service, where orders placed by the Wednesday evening (either over the phone or by email) are boxed up and collected or delivered to customers on Friday morning.



email:   admin@queensheaddowne.com
or call 01689 852145

website:   www.queensheaddowne.com

Facebook:   @queensheaddowne




The George & Dragon



From next Sunday 24th May we will be selling take away Sunday Lunches.

I would like to thank all of our customers who requested this service and look forward to seeing you again over the next few weeks.

Our take away menu and the ordering process will be published in the next couple of days

Also, don't forget our small meat package offer:
500g minced beef
1 whole chicken
2 pork steaks
1lb pork sausage
6 eggs
Our price is £15.00 this includes a £2 donation to our Free meals for NHS staff initiative
If you are interested pop a note into the pub or email:


We only buy to order.   Collection is on Fridays between 9am and 10am.  Please place your order by mid-day Thursdays

(Offer is subject to a viable level of demand)


The Dakshin


With the current situation and advice from the Government Dakshin will be operating as a delivery and collections services only. Our opening times have changed to Tuesday to Sunday (5pm to 10 pm).


We are offering 15% discount on collections and free delivery service. Also 20% off to all NHS staff on Food. (ID will be required)


Order online www.thedakshin.co.uk

Or call us direct on 01689 858946


Tel:   01689 858946    Mob: 07414 656299



London Biggin Hill Airspace Change Proposal - Click the button below to read the report about proposed changes to flightpaths:

People of Science - Sir David Attenborough and Professor Brian Cox discuss Charles Darwin (5 min video -  press button below)_

Downe May Queen 2020 - Would you like to join us?

Event postponed until September

​What is Downe May Queen? 

We are a friendly group who will be meeting in the Village Hall on seven Tuesdays after school during March and April (not during the Easter holidays) to practise dances and songs.

What does the May Queen involve?

This year’s May Queen is on the afternoon of Saturday 2nd May. There is a parade around the village, church service, crowning of the May Queen, dancing, Maypole dancing and a tea party.

Why does May Queen happen?

May Queen is a longstanding tradition in Downe (see 1934 photo above). It is a way to celebrate new life and the start of spring.

Who can join?

Children aged 3 upwards can join the group. Our current group ranges from age 3 to age 9.

How do I join?

For further information on how to join or if you have any questions please email:    


"Brilliant Butterflies" project at West Kent Golf Course

London Wildlife Trust run practical volunteer sessions on the nature reserve within West Kent Golf Course as part of the Trust's Brilliant Butterflies project.   The Trust, the Natural History Museum and Butterfly Conservation are working together creating and restoring chalk grassland to come alive with butterflies and wildflowers in South Croydon and Bromley

We would love to get some local volunteers from Downe.   Contact:


Watch a new advert for Battersea Dogs Home -  filmed in Downe this year.....

Watch an old video from 1987 about the effect of the great storm of October 1987 on Bromley Borough.....

Watch an old advert for Swan Lager -  filmed in Downe  -  not sure of date but looks very 1970's !!!

Local footpaths - these can be found on this Bromley Council website (complete with their numbers)....     

Ever wondered how to report a stray dog, injured deer or abandoned car etc ?    


Go to the help page for information on what to do and who to contact........

More on the village lime tree - following on from the article below, many thanks to Dave Evans who uncovered this photo of (village resident) Eric Lubbock and his wife from the Daily Telegraph -  Friday March 16th 1962, and another from the Kentish Times showing Eric celebrating his Orpington victory for the Liberal party - a 7,855 majority over the Conservatives.  

The old Lime tree


For as long as villagers can remember it has been said that the Old Lime tree has been dying, starved of water 

as it is totally encased in tarmac.  Probably over 100 years old - it can be seen in all the old photos of the village and

in the past the Council have removed branches in the hope of reducing its water needs.


The Residents' Association has now installed three one metre deep irrigatation pipes around the tree and can we urge those living close by, when they have a watering can at hand, to pour fresh water through the grills. Water from the road could not have been utilized as during the winter it would be polluted with salt.


Many of you will remember Terry Williams who lived in the village but who sadly died four years ago. Well known

in the entertainment world, perhaps you will recall him on tall stilts ?  He recorded the song called 'Dancing around the Old Lime tree' which we hope will be possible for many more years to come !


You can hear it again (with some associated pictures) by clicking here: 

Two locally produced promotional videos - Christmas Tree Farm and the Queen's Head jam night


Philip Shaye Productions - a Downe village-based business have produced a video for Paul Gubby at Christmas Tree Farm, and a promotional video of the Queen's Head jam night.  Click on the buttons above to view


If any of you would like to promote your business using video, contact Phil Louden-Carter on 07834 042918 or 

Biggin Hill memorial chapel

NEW -  BBC South East Today news video (from 17th September) - click button to view...


Click the button to see the BBC News coverage of the RAF Chapel/museum development and petition against the current plans.   Featured are Peter Osborne and Rita Radford.

Downe Lottery


Read the latest update (as of end 2019) on the Downe lottery on the lottery page....


Have you joined the Downe Lottery yet ? .........be in it to win it

The main purpose is to raise money for 'worthy' causes in the village, with the added opportunity to win prizes.  The prize money is 50% of the monthly monies raised - so clearly, the more lottery shares sold, the more money in the prize pot, and the more money raised for Downe.

To apply, email Tony Dixon, the Lottery Promoter, using lottery@downe-kent.org.uk for a standing order form.


Visit the lottery page for all the information on the lottery....

Biggin Hill Airport - a facility to track planes coming in and out of the airport

Read the "Kent Live" article (12 April) about the new facility......

Click on this link to access the flight monitoring website.......

To comment on incidents relating to Biggin Hill Airport

Ring -  01959 578580    (See HELP page for further information)

View old maps of Downe and surrounding area


Go to the history page to view old maps of the area side by side with a modern view (click button)

More news   (click the button to go to these features)


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