Downe fast broadband

Fast broadband in Downe


Openreach have now installed fibre optic fast broadband service for Downe. 

Homes are connected to the new cabinet using existing copper telephone lines to your property – this is the standard Openreach approach - so no further disruption is necessary. You will need to apply for a fast broadband service via the service providers (and take out a new service contract).

Remember - the further away from the cabinet you are, the lower the broadband speed will be due to the distance over copper telephone lines, meaning some people may not get what I'd call true ‘super fast’, but nearly everyoner is getting TEN TIMES the speed they were getting previously.

A few households will not be able to take advantage of fast broadband due to not being connected to the telephone cabinet in Standard Road.   You can check whether you are affected in the panel below.

Will I be able to get fast broadband ?


Check your location on the map below -  if your property is represented by an orange circle, you will be eligible for applying for an upgrade.....

What speed could I get ?


The map below shows estimated speed ranges for the various areas in Downe.   Just match your location to the different coloured "blobs" and refer to the speed table........

How does broadband work ?


This article explains (for the technically-minded) the different types of broadband......

How Downe broadband works

The fast broadband campaign for rural Bromley


The campaign to bring fast broadband to rural Bromley has involved several areas.   Now we are approaching the middle of 2017, things at last are starting to happen.   Two suppliers are involved - each covering separate areas.


Openreach (BT)


A contract was signed in July 2016 with Openreach to implement their fast broadband solution in three areas.   Each of these areas will involve the installation of a green street cabinet to provide the fibre broadband solution:


  • Old Chelsfield village - the new cabinet will be sited on the A224 / Warren Road junction, and provide fast broadband to Chelsfield village and parts of the surrounding area


  • Keston (part)  - the new cabinet will be sited at the junction of the A233/ Downe Rd.  This will provide fast broadband to Leaves Green Road, Blackness Lane and parts of the surrounding area


  • Downe - the new cabinet will be sited in Standard Road, and provide fast broadband to most of Downe (those on the 01689 exchange number)


The build work for the above will be starting in May 2017 and service is expected in June 2017

Pine media

This small company has agreed to provide fast broadband to Cudham.   Their technology differs in that the broadband signal is delivered over the airwaves.  A transmitter has been installed on a radio tower in Knockholt.   Service is expecetd to start in May 2017.   It is likely that Pine Media will (eventually) be able to reach areas other than Cudham - dependent on being able to "bounce2 their signal around hills and trees.

Other areas

An area of Cudham (the Berry's Green area) that was due to be provided with fast broadband by Openreach two years ago (not part of the campaign above) did not go live due to problems with running fibre to the new canbinet at Berry's Green bus stop.   This has now been resolved, meaning that area of Cudham should be able to be served from August 2017.  This will include areas of Downe that are on the 01959 exchange.


The rural Bromley campaign was also able to help "unblock" a situation in Keston village where Openreach and Bromley Council could not reach agreement on a street cabinet for fast broadband (in Heathfield Road).   Having overcome this blockage, Keston village now has fast broadband.


Why do I need fast broadband ?


Do you watch "on demand" TV programmes eg via BBC iplayer or ITV player ?   If so, you need fast broadband otherwise you will wait hours for the downloaded programme to start.  And don’t even think of downloading anything in High Definition (HD) without a fast internet connection !


Do you use companies like "Netflix" to watch movies – they recommend a download speed of at least 5mbps for their movies


Do you upload or download large files ?   Many companies now offer to look after your photos (and videos) in “the cloud” and you need to be able to send and retrieve them.  Do you (or your children) upload photos and movies to Facebook or Youtube, or watch Youtube videos ?


Similarly to the point above, we all have to update our versions of Windows or Apple IOS from time to time.  These updates can be quite large, and a slow connection can mean long delays for you !


Do you use video messaging (eg Skype) for talking face to face to remote family members or friends ?   Many people are now using this type of facility, but it can be almost unusable over slow internet connections !


Do you work at home ?    These days a fast internet connection is vital for sending and receiving files, conference calls, videos and even those dreaded VAT returns !


Have you noticed how everything slows up when your children return from school ?   Multiple members of the family on-line at the same slows up broadband for everyone.   And don’t forget, internet access is part of our children’s lives these days – so even if you don’t have much of a need yourself, your children CERTAINLY will !!


All the above affect us now.  However, it becomes even more important for the future.  That is why superfast broadband access is described as the next utility (as is electricity supply or a water supply).   Increasingly, TV will move to the internet, as the airwaves cannot cope with the volumes of data.   Next generation High Definition TVs ("4K TV") will only be able to receive broadcasts over a superfast broadband connection !!   In addition (and of vital importance to the sick and elderly),  “Telemetry” -  will be used to look after older people in their homes, or carry out medical diagnoses remotely, or even read your meters !

The UK Government recognises that superfast broadband is increasingly necessary for the future of the UK -  this is why they have set a target of 90% of the UK to have broadband download speeds of 24mb (or greater) by the end of 2015

How fast broadband affects house prices


(click the box below to read a Daily Telegraph article on the effect of broadband on house prices)

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