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To contact Darwin Safer Neighbourhood team (Met Police) 


Tom Metcalf is the PC for Darwin Ward supported by PCSO Jodie Woodgate

The telephone number for the Darwin Safer Neighbourhoods Team is 0208 721 2603 which is a mobile that officers carry around whilst on shift (not 24hrs/ 7 days a week though).    

Darwin SNT e-mail address:

The best way to contact police is on the 101 number (for non-emergency), but if  you feel you need an immediate response or have been threatened, you should dial 999. 

Bromley Council Transport & Highways (for reporting or querying roadworks etc)


Phone numbers:


Streetworks team -  0208 313 4935

Ben Howard (Traffic Officer)  -  07951 071248

Amy Ward (Traffic Officer)  -  07462 908092

e-mail (if e-mailing, copy to all three addresses):



To report flytipping 


If anyone discovers a flytip - especially if blocking the road, causing a hazard or blocking a bus route - it should be reported via the emergency phone number (which is managed on behalf of Bromley Council):

0300 303 8658 (during office hours)
0300 303 8671 (out of hours)

You should also request a reference number.
Additionally, the Bromley Council "Fix My Street" can also be used (you can click the link below or find it on the Bromley Council website):

Bromley Council emergency line (emergencies like fallen trees or large branches on the road or pavement can be reported on):


Phone -  0300 303 8658 or 0208 464 4848



Press button below to go to Counci's website page:

To report water leaks in Downe:

via the Thames Water website:

ALSO - Bromley Council advice is to report the leak via the "Fix My Street" facility on Bromley Council website:

Trading Standards


Report rogue traders via 07903 852090

Action Fraud

UK fraud and internet crime reporting     or   0300 1232040

Report environmental problems to Bromley Council 


To report issues such as road defects, overgrowing vegetation, flytipping etc, go to the Bromley Council website, select letter "F" and then choose "Fix my Street" option (or press the button below)

If you see an environmental crime being committed

Report to the police and let Bromley Council know - further information is on the Bromley Council website here...

Report waste collection service problems to Bromley Council 

Report these via the following link to Bromley Council website:

Found a stray dog ?  


Call the Dog Warden Service on 03444 828 320. They will only come out if dogs are “confined and under control” (but see advice below).     The owner has to pay a fee to have the dogs returned. 


The Bromley Council website advice is here -


Stray dogs – London Borough of Bromley

Ring Darwin Safer Neighbourhood Team – on 0208 721 2603.  If available, they may be able to come out to attend to the situation.  It is accepted though that it is likely the dogs may be long gone by the time any call-out is completed.

Failing the above (or even in addition) you can call the Police on 101 and have the incident logged – though there may be a telephone queue.  However, dial 999 straight away if there is ANY danger to a person (i.e. on the road, in a garden etc)

(Note  – unfortunately, the RSPCA do not  have resources to collect healthy stray dogs)

IMPORTANT – advice from the police and the RSPCA website is to be careful as a lost dog could be scared or distressed – particularly if penned in.    If you are unsure, do not approach the dogs yourself


For more info click here for the Bromley website...

To contact Foal Farm -  click on the button to go to their website

To report an injured dog or deer 


-   dial the police on 101

-   or contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234999

To report bus service disruption on the R8 and 146

If buses are unnecessary on diversion this needs to be reported to TFL and they will arrange for the route to be driven/risk assessed to check if the route is open and if buses can safely use the route again.

The public contact for TFL for buses is:


TFL Customer Services


0343 222 1234

Obviously, if this is during working hours then let me know and I will chase for you, but if the buses are ever suspended over the weekend/evenings or you are unable to get hold of me, then feel free to use this contact info"

Ben Howard, Traffic Officer
Transport & Highways | Environmental & Community Services London Borough of Bromley


07951 071248

To report an abandoned car  -  report to Bromley Council.  This can be done via their website (press the button to go there):

To report HGVs in Downe village

Where you spot a large HGV in the area that is not connected with local business, try to capture the name of the company and the vehicle number plate.  This information can then be passed onto Cllr Jonathan Andrews, who says he will only be too happy to follow up.  Cllr Andrews can be e-mailed:



To comment on incidents relating to Biggin Hill Airport.

Ring:  01959 578580

Also advise by email:

  • the leader of Bromley Council,

  • the 'comments' portfolio holder** on the Biggin Hill Consultative Committee

  • and our Darwin ward Councillor Richard Scoates:

  • Please also now include John Musson, Downe representative


BHAL is bound by the existing Lease to take off and landing times and also engine run up time (engine run up time is a maximum 15 minutes)

The current Lease times are:

  • Week days:  7.30am to 9.00pm

  • "Shoulder hours" for Biggin Hill based aircraft 6.30am to 10.00pm

  • Weekends: 9.00am to 8.00pm

Contacts for utility company issues

Thames Water

Community Engagement   -


Streetworks Manager   -


UK Power Networks

Streetworks Manager   -

Southern Gas Networks

Senior Manager – South East   -

Virgin Media

To contact Bromley Council tree department


Phone:   0208 464 3333 ext 3229, 3226 or 3200)

Responsibilities & who does what ?

[None of these lists is exhaustive and before contacting an elected representative residents should attempt to resolve any problems using the advertised channels on the website of the public body concerned]. 



Bromley Council

All roads (except for the A232)

Street lighting –

       [routine problems should be logged on ‘Fix My Street’].

Refuse collection, waste and recycling sites



Public protection, licensing, Weights and Measures, environmental health,  noise

Public Health


  • Bromley schools are academies and any problems should be raised in the first instance with the head teacher. Subsequently if a matter remains unresolved, the governing body. The Council remains responsible for school places, special education, children with medical needs who are unable to attend school.


  • in the first instance problems should be raised with operator Greenwich Leisure

Leisure Centres

-     in the first instance problems should be raised with the operator –

            Bromley Mytime


-     in the first instance problems should be raised with the operator idverde

Children and adult Social services

Homelessness and housing waiting list



Greater London Authority, the London Assembly and the Mayor of London


Any major ‘A’ roads which are on the Transport for London Road Network

Strategic planning for London

Transport for London

  • problems regarding bus services should initially be raised the operator.

Metropolitan Police

  • problems should initially be raised with Bromley Borough Chief Superintendent

Fire Service

  • problems should initially be raised with the Borough commander



Members of Parliament

All national government matters


Foreign Office


Government agencies, eg DVLA etc

Parliament & Health Ombudsman references


[Note: note the MP has no jurisdiction or influence over planning matters, local council or the powers and responsibilities of the Mayor of London. Nor has the MP any responsibilities for consumer matters regarding commercial companies.]

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