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Friends of Downe Orchard

The Friends of Downe Orchard group operates under the jurisdiction of the London Borough of Bromley Parks Group - to manage the orchard

The aims and objectives of the Group are: 

  • To help with practical conservation through voluntary action for the benefit of wildlife and the community under the supervision of the London Borough of Bromley (LBB) and its professional officers.

  • To help to secure and promote the conservation and protection of the orchard.

  • To monitor its plants animals and wildlife habitats and maintain and improve its biodiversity

  • To promote its use as a place for quiet, informal enjoyment, recreation and study.

  • To foster a sense of Downe community ownership of the orchard

  • To assist in providing an educational experience for the general public in the history, natural history and biodiversity of the orchard.

All the above with a view to maintaining a sound financial base and seeking other funding or donations to further activities which meet the above aims and objectives. 

The following are the committee members:

Honorary Chair - Declan Wells

Secretary -  Zoe Knight

Treasurer –  Julian Moore

John Fisher (Bromley Countryside Volunteers)

Steve Barnes

Declan Wells

Paul Gubby

Tony Dixon

Paul Knight

Kay Tremain

Mark Sear

Downe orchard - tree map (as at December 2021)

Downe Community Orchard -  2019 Chair's report

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Friends of Downe Orchard - committee documents:

Friends constitution:




Orchard management plan:

Orchard map:






Orchard Event calendar:

CASE Insurance policy

CASE Insurance policy schedule


Meeting minutes:

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